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CEIBO's experience was indescribable. It brought our group together and made us open our eyes to the important details of each stage of life, teaching us to value what we are and whom we have at our side.

Antonella G.


It is a continuous learning program that aims to generate a life experience based on our core values: honesty, purposeful leadership, respect, humility, gratitude and commitment.


In this program students come with us for 5 consecutive years (end of childhood and beginning of adolescence) to different destinations around Ecuador, guiding them through personal and academic growth. No experience is similar to the previous one and each journey contributes to the consolidation of the group as a team and towards the formation of individuals aware of their full potential. At the end of each cycle we set goals to meet during the year using the tools learned at each stage. At the beginning of the next cycle these goals are analyzed constructively with each participant, motivating them constantly along the process.

Note: The recommendation is to start the program on 4th or 5th year of elementary school.


cYclE 1





The first cycle takes place in our main campus "La Banda" located on the Northern Highlands near Otavalo. This is where the kids have their first approach to participatory leadership. An intense itinerary with mental, physical, aquatic, and artistic dynamics will help us in this process. We will know each other more and establish the parameters that will guide us in later years based on the importance of honesty and respect.

cYclE 2





The eastern part of the equator encloses a magical world. For many scientists, the Amazon is the largest laboratory in the world since the pharmacological bases of thousands of medicines come from here. In this mystical scenario of bountiful flora and fauna we perform a series of activities that make us understand the importance of understanding our emotions and the influence it has in our life, We do this while we get to know the amazon cultures and the magical surroundings full of waterfalls, caves and rivers.

Cycle 3




Galapagos is not only a magnificent paradise, but it is also home to thousands of unique species. The clash of the hot and cold currents have endowed the islands with the perfect components for animal life to develop in a very peculiar way. In CEIBO we make this place an unforgettable adventure. Life is not a problem to solve, but a reality to experience, and that is why in this cycle we will have a highly experiential learning experience. We will learn about wildlife and its evolution as we combine it with dynamics focused on problem-solving.  We will always work as a team with a focus on effort and perseverance. Our Galapagos program maximizes time, starting with activities from the moment the plane takes off, eliminating all downtime. The result: A more united and inspired group.

cYclE 4




The south of the equator encloses a beauty of unique authenticity. Cuenca, Cajas, Chordeleg, Ingapirca carry a unique historical and natural mark. Here, these landscapes will be the site of our first encounter with entrepreneurship. Passion and creativity will be afloat and various tools learned during previous cycles will be used. Some among them are optimism, communication, emotional intelligence,  resourcefulness, organization, and discipline. The result is a reinforcement of self-confidence and the ability to establish and fulfill goals.

cYclE 5


(Humility, Gratitude and Commitment)



This year we close this life experience in the best way. How? Returning to our main campus. Unlike the first cycle, here we will know in depth the northern region, ascending to the summit of one of its emblematic mountains, visiting lakes, and waterfalls, and learning about its culture, tradition, and history. It is said that when one is grateful, the fears disappear. That is why this year we focus on closing this program humbly, by working for the community and for the environment. Here we also review our annual objectives and commit ourselves to keeping firm our proposal to be the leaders that the world needs.


It's not only about the goals. It is about becoming the person who can achieve those goals. At the end of this process, the participants will have the necessary tools to enter into adolescence close to virtues and away from vices. Participants will also know that they will be supported by a team of committed classmates who understands the importance of never leaving a soldier behind. 

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